B.08/06: Guiding framework and procedures for accrediting national, regional and international implementing entities and intermediaries, including the Fund’s fiduciary principles and standards and environmental and social safeguards: Application documents for submissions of applications for accreditation

The Board, having reviewed document GCF/B.08/06 Application Documents for Submissions of Applications for Accreditation and recalling decision B.07/02, paragraph (r):

  1. Adopts the content of the application for accreditation to the Green Climate Fund set out in Annex VII;
  2. Requests the Secretariat to finalize the relevant accreditation application documents and open a call for submissions of accreditation applications from implementing entities and intermediaries within four weeks after the eighth meeting of the Board, and use best efforts to have applications ready for consideration and possible decision on accreditation by the Board at its ninth meeting; and
  3. Requests the Secretariat, recognizing that applications and supporting information will be initially submitted in English, to work on a way to allow for the submission of applications in other United Nations official languages with due consideration of implications in terms of cost and complexity.