B.08/05: Guiding framework and procedures for accrediting national, regional and international implementing entities and intermediaries, including the Fund’s fiduciary principles and standards and environmental and social safeguards: Identification of relevant potential international private sector best-practice fiduciary principles and standards and environmental and social safeguards

The Board, having reviewed document GCF/B.08/05 Relevant International Private Sector Best-Practice Fiduciary Principles and Standards and Environmental and Social Safeguards:

  1. Recalls decision B.07/02 in which the Board decided to adopt the initial guiding framework for the Fund’s accreditation process as contained in Annex I to document GCF/B.07/11, recognizing that it also applies to private sector entities;
  2. Reaffirms that the fiduciary standards and environmental and social safeguards (ESS) will apply to all applicant entities, regardless of their public or private sector status;
  3. Invites institutions with a track record of engaging with the private sector, in particular those in areas that are relevant to the Fund’s objectives, to apply for accreditation to the Fund; and
  4. Requests the Secretariat, in consultation with the Accreditation Panel, to provide recommendations on their potential accreditation or fast-tracking for decision by the Board at its first meeting in 2015.