B.05/11: Establishment of the independent Secretariat: Guidance to the Executive Director on the administrative policies and procedures of the independent Secretariat

The Board, having considered document GCF/B.05/11 Progress Report on the Administrative Policies and Guidelines of the Independent Secretariat:

  1. Approves with immediate effect, in accordance with the Governing Instrument, the establishment of the GCF Secretariat, as the fully independent secretariat foreseen in paragraph 19 of the Governing Instrument;
  2. Authorizes the Executive Director to take all necessary actions and to make, on behalf of the Fund, necessary arrangements and contracts to facilitate the establishment and operations of the GCF Secretariat in the Republic of Korea in order to allow the Fund to perform its functions;
  3. Authorizes the Executive Director to recruit, pending selection of staff through competitive procedures and their recruitment according to decision B.05/10, on a short‐term temporary basis, staff and experts to assist her in her functions;
  4. Requests the Secretariat to seek a legal opinion of the Office of Legal Affairs of the United Nations on whether, and if so, under which circumstances, the Fund might qualify for: (i) an institutional linkage with the United Nations; and (ii) a relationship agreement with the United Nations under which the officials of the Secretariat and other persons associated with the Fund can make use of the United Nations Laissez Passer;
  5. Takes note of the plan for the preparation of the administrative policies and guidelines of the Secretariat, as presented in Section 3.2 of document GCF/B.05/11;
  6. Requests the Executive Director to promulgate all administrative guidelines based on the authorization given to her through decision GCF/B.04/03, and to submit policies to the Board for approval.