B.04/13: Logo of the Fund

The Board:

  1. Took note of the extended deadline for submissions of 28 July 2013;
  2. Constituted the Selection Panel, whose work will be supported by the Interim Secretariat, comprising:
    1. The following four members/alternate members of the Board: Ms. Ana Fornells de Frutos, Mr. Hong‐Sang Jung, Mr. Adam Kirchknopf, Mr. Farrukh I. Khan;
    2. [...] as the representative of civil society;ii
    3. (Mr. Miles Austin (CMIA) as the representative of the private sector;
    4. A well‐known graphic designer with substantial experience in designing logos; and
    5. The Director of the Interim Secretariat.
  3. Requested the Interim Secretariat, under the guidance of the Co‐Chairs, to identify a well‐known graphic designer referred to in paragraph (b) (iv) above, and to invite him/her to become a member of the Panel on a pro‐bono basis;
  4. Authorized the Selection Panel to establish a set of criteria to evaluate the entries and take a decision based on these pre‐determined criteria and to hold meetings, arranged with the assistance of the Interim Secretariat, as necessary for the conduct of its work;
  5. Requested the Interim Secretariat, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the competition, to present a shortlisted set of 100 entries to the Selection Panel;
  6. Requested the Selection Panel to assess the entries, and make a recommendation on the successful logo to the Board at its September 2013 meeting.