B.04/03: Establishment of the independent Secretariat: Administrative policies and procedures of the independent Secretariat

The Board, having reviewed document GCF/B.BM‐2013/01 Administrative Framework for the Green Climate Fund,

  1. Approved the following hybrid option as the basis for the administrative framework for the Fund:
    1. Privileges and immunities for the Fund's staff to be established consistent with paragraph 8 of the Governing Instrument, with reference to those provided to the International Fund for Agricultural Development and other international financial institutions that operate effectively internationally through appropriate bilateral and multilateral agreements; and
    2. The Fund's administrative policies, including for human resources, procurement, travel and finance, are to be based on those used by the Asian Development Bank;
  2. Requested the Interim Secretariat to undertake work on obtaining administrative support from another organisation to facilitate the transition from the Interim Secretariat to the independent Secretariat, for consideration and adoption by the Board at its September 2013 meeting;
  3. Further requested the Interim Secretariat to initiate work on the Fund's administrative policies based on the hybrid option, and advance work as rapidly as possible and report on progress to the Board at its September 2013 meeting;
  4. Authorized the Executive Director to develop the necessary administrative guidelines for the operations of the independent Secretariat based on the direction provided by the Board.