B.04/02: Establishment of the independent Secretariat: Selection of the Executive Director

The Board:

  1. Decided by consensus to select Ms. Hela Cheikhrouhou for the post of the Executive Director of the Fund;
  2. Requested the Interim Secretariat to engage an executive search firm to facilitate the negotiation of the terms of the contract that will be in accordance with the approved terms of referencei (annex to Board decision B.01‐13/07) with Ms. Cheikhrouhou, including on a remuneration package that will be in accordance with Board decision B.01‐13/07, with the terms of the contract being subject to the approval by the Co‐Chairs;
  3. Authorized the Co‐Chairs to sign, on behalf of the Fund, the contract between Ms. Cheikhrouhou and the Fund.