B.02‐12/08: Arrangements for establishing the independent Secretariat, including the selection of the Executive Director

The Board:

  1. Decided to establish an Executive Director Selection Committee consisting of six Board members (H.E. Mr. Jan Cedergren, H.E. Mr. Ernesto Cordero Arroyo, Mr. Omar El‐Arini, H.E. Ms. Audrey Joy Grant, Mr. Manfred Konukiewitz and Mr. Alexey Kvasov ) that will oversee the selection process and make recommendations to the Board;
  2. Agreed to request the Executive Director Selection Committee to:
    1. Agree to revise the draft terms of reference for the Executive Director (Annex III of document GCF/B.02‐12/08), taking into account written comments received from Board members, which will be provided no later than 3 November 2012;
    2. Decide the selection process for the Executive Director, considering the most effective and efficient approach, including whether an executive search firm is required to assist in the process;
    3. In the event that an executive search firm is the option of choice, agree on the terms of reference for the search firm, and provide guidance to the Interim Secretariat to identify a suitable firm in a cost‐effective manner, for approval by the Selection Committee;
    4. Approve the text and media for disseminating the advertisement for the Executive Director;
    5. Agree a short‐list of candidates, interview the short‐listed candidates and create a final list of three candidates without ranking for consideration by the Board, at its third meeting;
    6. Incur expenses of up to US$ 200,000, ensuring expenditure is efficient and cost‐effective. If there is a requirement to exceed this amount, the Selection Committee will seek the Co‐Chairs’ approval; and
    7. Keep the Board informed of progress, including a report to the third meeting addressing action in relation to sub‐paragraphs (i)‐(vi) above.