B.01-13/12: Logo of the Fund

The Board, having reviewed document GCF/B.01-13/09/Rev.01 Logo of the Green Climate Fund,

  1. Requested the Interim Secretariat to launch an international competition inviting art and design schools and universities worldwide, and the broader public through the Fund’s website, to submit a proposal for a logo of the Fund that depicts its ideals and character. In order to attract youth participation, an age limit of 25 years will apply;
  2. Agreed that the purpose of launching this competition will be to raise awareness:
    1. Of the Green Climate Fund;
    2. Of challenges and threats posed by climate change, in particular among the young generation;
  3. Agreed that the logo of the Fund should:
    1. Reflect the resolve of the international community to address and overcome climate change;
    2. Reflect the inclusive and distinct institutional character of the Fund which involves States, private sector and civil society, working together to address the challenge of climate change;
    3. Be in line with the objectives of the Fund to achieve a new paradigm through low- emission and climate-resilient development pathways;
  4. Requested the Interim Secretariat to develop a set of rules for the competition;
  5. Requested the Co-Chairs to address a letter, containing an entry form, rules of the competition, and information regarding the work of the Fund, to the heads of such schools and universities, requesting them to inform and invite interested individuals to design the logo of the Fund. Such letters will also be addressed to the ministers of environment and/or climate change to ensure the widest possible circulation of the invitation. The same information will be posted on the Fund’s website;
  6. Decided that:
    1. Entries for the logo of the Fund should be received by the Interim Secretariat no later than 30 June 2013;
    2. The Board, at its June 2013 meeting, will constitute a Selection Panel, supported by the Interim Secretariat, comprising:
      • Three members/alternate members from the developed countries and three members/alternate members from the developing countries;
      • A representative of civil society;
      • A representative of the private sector;
      • A well-known graphic designer, by invitation and on a pro-bono basis, with substantial experience in designing logos; and
      • The Director of the Interim Secretariat.
    3. The Interim Secretariat, in accordance with the rules of the competition, will present a shortlisted set of 100 entries to the Selection Panel for it to assess and make a recommendation to the Board at its September 2013 meeting;
  7. Decided that the set of rules will also be used by the selection panel to evaluate submissions and make a decision based on pre-selected criteria. The winner will be announced during the September 2013 Board meeting;
  8. Agreed that the cost of travel and up to two days of accommodation for the individual/group (maximum two persons) or its representative whose logo proposal is selected by the Board to attend a presentation will be borne from the administrative budget of the Fund;
  9. Agreed that the approved logo of the Fund and the name of the individual/group who designed it will be displayed at the headquarters of the Fund.