B.01‐12/07: Work plan of the Board

The Board agreed to consider at its next meeting the following issues:

  1. Organization of work;
  2. Summary of activities of the Co‐Chairs;
  3. Summary of activities of the Interim Secretariat;
  4. Additional rules of procedure (including accreditation of observers and arrangements for active observers);
  5. Selection of the host country of the Fund;
  6. Arrangements for establishing the independent Secretariat, including the selection of the Executive Director;
  7. Arrangements for the Interim Trustee;
  8. Long‐term work plan and priorities of the Board;
  9. Administrative budget of the Interim Secretariat and the Interim Trustee;
  10. Status of resources of the Fund;
  11. Arrangements between the COP and the Fund;
  12. Report to the COP.