Jamaica Social Investment Fund


  • Type Direct (National)
  • Date of accreditation 30 Mar 2022

The Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF) is a national direct access entity from Jamaica, spearheading sustainable development projects across the island. Specializing in areas like infrastructure, disaster risk reduction, agriculture, health, livelihood, education, and tourism, JSIF aims to empower communities and enhance national capacity for effective program implementation, targeting issues related to poverty, crime, environment, disaster, climate change, and vulnerable groups.

Established in 1996, JSIF is a leading project implementation agency for the Government of Jamaica. Guided by values of honesty, transparency, and accountability, the organization collaborates with various partners, utilizing a community-driven approach and a state-of-the-art management information system for efficient project tracking. JSIF's success is rooted in strategic partnerships with multilateral and bilateral development partners, ministries, state agencies, departments, the private sector, and community-based organizations. 

The JSIF intends to use GCF funding for projects to increase adaptation to existing and future climate impacts and reduce greenhouse gas emissions; develop projects aimed at carbon sequestration to improve the removal of carbon from the atmosphere and to reduce sources of emissions; and improve the livelihoods of poor and vulnerable populations and provide the necessary sensitization and awareness training with a view to reducing environmental degradation and perpetual vulnerability.

Accreditation timeline

Accreditation term 1


Accreditation date

30 Mar 2022

AMA execution date

21 Feb 2024

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Ms. Keslyn Gilbert-Stoney

Senior Manager, Legal and Governance
Mr. Milton Clarke

Manager, Operations System & Environment