Banco Nacional de Obras y Servicios Publicos, S.N.C


  • Type Direct (National)
  • Date of accreditation 05 Mar 2024

Banco Nacional de Obras y Servicios Públicos S.N.C. (BANOBRAS) is a national direct access entity based in Mexico. BANOBRAS is a development banking institution with a mission to provide public banking and credit services and to promote and finance projects in public infrastructure and services such as on communication, transportation, energy, water infrastructure, solid waste, social infrastructure and urban infrastructure. The entity’s purpose is to contribute to the institutional strengthening of the federal, state and municipal governments of Mexico, and thus support the sustainable development of the country.

BANOBRAS intends to leverage GCF funds to drive a paradigm shift at the national and subnational levels and integrate climate impact as a transversal approach in its projects. It will develop projects on infrastructure for adaptation, large scale sustainable mobility, green and resilient hospitals, and integrated solid waste management, in a manner that is aligned with Mexico’s NDCs and national plans, including projects and programes on: sustainable transport that will include different states and cities within the country, mainly megalopolis and large cities that have mobility and pollution problems, diverse sources of energy supply for the transport sector, such as electric or low sulfur diesel; and wastewater treatment plant across Mexico based on experience in the state of Hidalgo, in Atotonilco, which is considered the most important water sustainability project in the country.

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05 Mar 2024

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Ms. Margott Cristina Galván Encinas

Executive Manager for International Affairs
Javier Barros Sierra 515, Lomas de Santa Fe, Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico
Mr. Juan Carlos Martinez Nava

Director of Corporate Strategic Planning, Evaluation and Business Intelligence
Javier Barros Sierra 515, Lomas de Santa Fe, Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico
Phone +525552701449
Phone +525537343445