Policies & strategies

Business model & allocation

Business model policies and decisions establish the basic operating parameters of GCF’s business model and the key principles that guide the Fund’s operations in line with the Governing Instrument. Allocation frameworks define parameters for guiding GCF’s investments across replenishment cycles.

Policies and decisions

Business model framework
2 decisions
Development of GCF’s business model frameworks
Decision B.01-13/06 sets out foundational aspects of the business model framework of the Fund.
Objectives, results and performance indicators
Decision B.01-13/06 reaffirms core principles of the business model framework, including focus on mitigation/adaptation and principle of country ownership.
Allocation frameworks
2 policies, 1 decision
Allocation of Fund resources
Decision B.05/05 sets parameters for the allocation of resources, based on a theme/activity based approach (adaptation, mitigation & Private Sector Facility).
Adopted by decision B.27/06. Sets out the funding allocation parameters and guidelines from B.27 onwards for the GCF-1 period.
Adopted by decision B.36/13 (a). Sets out the major programming directions and operational and institutional priorities for GCF-2 period.