About GCF

GCF is the largest global fund dedicated to help fight climate change.

Efficient GCF

The urgency of climate action is only becoming more acute. To deliver on our Strategic Plan for the Green Climate Fund 2024–2027 and achieve our 50by30 vision, GCF must be able to deliver climate investment more efficiently and impactfully. We have a huge responsibility, not just towards the countries and communities in which we invest, but also towards the constituents of our donor countries, whom, through their governments, provide us with the means to invest.

In September 2023, Executive Director Mafalda Duarte publicly pledged that GCF would do better. We would be simpler and faster to engage with, and our funds would be easier to access.  

To ensure GCF was fit for purpose, we launched an internal initiative in December 2023 called “Efficient GCF,” focused on re-examining project review and approval processes, transforming how our partners do business with us. 

Efficient GCF is led by an interdivisional task force, chaired by our Chief Investment Officer.  

Our reforms include:  

  • Providing a single point of contact throughout the project appraisal process, to drive collaboration, streamline internal processes, and ensure consistent messages to our Accredited Entities (AEs). Project teams have been led by a designated Project Lead (PL) since January 2024. PLs are responsible for driving the project development processes, project-related engagement and communication with AEs, and consolidating expert input from project team members. 
  • Streamlining documentation for all new Concept Notes (CNs) and Funding Proposals (FPs) by applying existing page limits to any newly-submitted CNs or FPs, while developing new templates suited to Strategic Plan for the Green Climate Fund 2024–2027 and streamlined processes. 
  • Optimising our investment pipeline while demonstrating GCF’s duty of delivering on climate impact, through a rolling review of pipeline priority projects over the next year with a focus on country ownership and alignment. 

We’ll keep you informed of how GCF is doing things better, smarter, and faster.

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