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The Green Climate Fund issues a range of publications for our direct and indirect stakeholders on a diversity of issues – for the general public to industry experts. Stay in tune with our mission and activities around the planet with the issues that speak to you.

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  • GCF in Brief: About the Fund

    Learn more about the Green Climate Fund, an international fund dedicated to supporting global efforts to respond to the challenge of climate change, as well as its story and impacts to date.

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  • GCF in Brief: Direct Access

    One of the Green Climate Fund’s distinctive features is the provision for developing countries to access financial resources through national entities, meaning that climate finance can be channelled to the country directly. This factsheet explains how direct access works and the support provided for direct access Accredited Entities.

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  • GCF in Brief: Readiness

    This factsheet is an overview of the GCF Readiness Programme, which provides resources for strengthening the institutional capacities of National Designated Authorities/focal points (“NDAs”) and direct access entities to effectively engage with the Fund.

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  • GCF in Brief: Simplified Approval Process

    The GCF board adopted during its 18th Board meeting, a simplified approval process (SAP) for small-scale low risk activities. The SAP will start with a Pilot Programme with a review after two years or USD 80 million allocated to projects or programmes, whichever comes first. The review will recommend improvements to the process and will consider expanding the type of eligible activities and increasing funding amount from the GCF. This factsheet provides an overview how this simplified process should lead to a reduction in time and effort required to go from project conception to implementation.

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  • GCF in Brief: Adaptation Planning

    The Green Climate Fund is committed to investing in developing countries’ efforts to adapt to the effects of climate changem, and aims to deliver a 50:50 balance between mitigation and adaptation allocations in its portfolio, and ensure that at least 50% of adaptation funding goes to particularly vulnerable countries, including LDCs, SIDS and African States. This factsheet provides an overview of how GCF supports adaptation planning in the countries where it operates.

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    The Green Climate Fund’s second edition of ELEMENTS highlights key opportunities that the Fund can help countries seize. GCF has succeeded in raising USD 10 billion equivalent during its Initial Resource Mobilization (IRM) in 2014. Utilizing these scarce resources to achieve the greatest possible impact on both mitigation and adaptation is now the key challenge faced by the Fund. This guide considers a number of areas where there is high potential to make a significant and ambitious contribution towards global efforts to respond to climate change. The report draws upon the findings of the document “Analysis of the Expected Role and Impact of the Green Climate Fund,” presented at the 9th Board meeting in March 2015, where readers can find in-depth discussion on each of the Fund’s results areas based on up-to-date studies and data from a wide array of sources.

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  • 3-Minute Brief for Negotiators

    As the international community geared up for the 21st Conference of the UNFCCC Parties in Paris in December 2015, there was increasing discussion about how the necessary investments in mitigation and adaptation might be financed, particularly in developing countries. This brief presents the main features of the Green Climate Fund that the parties to the Convention have established by consensus. GCF is mandated to play a central role in mobilizing and channelling the financial resources required to enable a paradigm shift towards low-emission and climate-resilient pathways in developing countries.

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    This resource guide is designed primarily for GCF National Designated Authorities (NDAs) and Focal Points from recipient countries to assist them in understanding the operational modalities of the Fund. It presents the basic architecture of the Fund and describes the roles and responsibilities of NDAs in relation to their country’s engagement with GCF. The guide also presents the range of activities that Accredited Entities may carry out to develop and submit funding proposals for projects and programmes. ELEMENTS 01 includes a detailed step-by-step explanation of GCF’s project approval process.

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