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GEF-GCF event focuses on breaking silos for climate action

Naoko Ishii, CEO of the Global Environment Facility, stressed the importance of a system-based approach, and of breaking silos to fight climate change at a joint meeting with GCF at COP24. Javier Manzanares, GCF Executive Director a.i. identified three priorities for common action with GEF: scaling up projects, encouraging direct access, and developing country programmes. The need for cooperation was emphasised by Carlos Manuel Rodriguez, Minister of Environment and Energy of Costa Rica, who stated that the two funds are the way forward in Costa Rica, and need to work together.

Simplified Approval Process: promoting access to GCF resources

GCF’s event on the Simplified Approval Process (SAP) featured contributions from Ambassador Feturi - known as the champion of the process for his role in its development, as well as from the Rwandan Ministry of Environment, the Cook Islands, and the Environmental Investment Fund of Namibia - a GCF accredited entity which brought the first SAP project to be approved by the GCF Board.

Not just buildings! Climate resilient infrastructure debate stresses need for broad approach

Climate-resilient infrastructure is not just about concrete buildings, but also includes the "soft" infrastructure of social welfare: this was one of the key messages of a climate-resilient integrated infrastructure event hosted by GCF at COP24 today. Iñigo Ruiz-Apilanez, a civil engineer with engineering consultancy Arup, told participants that an effective adaptation approach requires considering social stresses, such as differences in incomes and who owns climate-impacted land. Lia Nicholson, a government project expert from Antigua and Barbuda, warned nations will increasingly face climate impacts such as in her country, which was hit by a category 5 hurricane last year after a three-year drought.

Science provides rationale for rational climate action

Strong science lies at the cornerstone of all effective climate action, participants heard at a GCF event held on the sidelines of COP24. Maxx Dilley, the WMO's climate prediction and adaptation director, said that a reliance on scientific evidence extends beyond providing early warning of climate disasters. Energy investments need to account for wind speeds and solar radiation, while agricultural climate projects should measure soil moisture, he said. Pa Ousman Jarju, Director of GCF's Country Programming Division, said that GCF readiness funding is available to help developing countries plan climate projects around the latest in scientific evidence.

Armenia grants P&Is to GCF

Armenia today signed a Privileges and Immunities agreement with GCF. Erik Gregoryan, Armenian Acting Minister of Nature Protection, signed the agreement with GCF Executive Director a.i. Javier Manzanares in the margins of COP24. The agreement, which is in line with those of other international organisations, will protect GCF's assets and ensure the effective performance of the Fund's activities. Signing such agreements was recommended in a decision of the COP for parties to the UNFCCC.

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