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Stakeholder engagement

Sector Guidance Stakeholder Engagement:
Forest and Land Use / Ecosystems and Ecosystem Services

The GCF Secretariat is currently developing sector guidance across GCF’s eight results areas, which seeks to guide and inform the development of high-quality funding proposals that meet GCF’s investment criteria.

This guidance will provide an overview and understanding of country needs and of the potential to deliver the greatest impact in support of country’s priorities and will provide information on how targeted GCF investment aligned with country priorities could have the most climate impact for each sector. These sector guidelines will include the global, regional and national context of the sector, portfolio and pipeline analysis, analysis of potential niche areas and GCF value addition in these niche areas.

The sector guidelines are currently being drafted and iteratively consulted with various GCF stakeholders. These consultations are held back to back to different sector events and technical and accredited entities; technical experts are also being asked to comment on these sectoral documents and help to evolve them based on best available global expertise.

We invite GCF stakeholders to participate in the development of the sectoral guidance of the forest and land use, as well as the ecosystems and ecosystem services results areas through the different stakeholder engagement activities planned in the next months. Virtual and in-person sessions will be announced soon.

Information and Discussion Meeting for the Development of the Sectoral Guidance
15 Nov 2019 / Songdo, Republic of Korea

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