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Strengthening climate resilience of agricultural livelihoods in Agro-Ecological Regions I and II in Zambia

Beneficiaries Anticipated number of people with increased resilience


GCF results areas
  • Health, food and water security
  • Livelihoods of people and communities

Location & People

  • Africa
  • Zambia ZMB
Beneficiaries (approx.) 3,946,153

Investment Data

  • Financing:
    • Public
    • Public / Private
    • Private
  • Project size:
    • Micro
    • Small
    • Medium
    • Large
  • E&S Risk category:
    • Category A
    • Category B
    • Category C
Total project investment
GCF Financing
  • Instrument Grant USD
  • Ministry of Agriculture Grant USD
  • Water Resources Management Authority Grant USD
  • United Nations Development Programme Grant USD

Project owners

Accredited Entity Executing Entity
  • Ministry of Agriculture Zambia
Strengthening climate resilience of agricultural livelihoods in Agro-Ecological Regions I and II in Zambia Approved March 2018 Est. implementation period 7.0 years
Increasing the climate resilience of smallholder farmers in specified regions of Zambia.

Zambia, a landlocked country with approximately 70 percent of the workforce dependent on rain-fed agriculture, is highly vulnerable to climate-induced precipitation variability. While floods often result in immediate disasters, the increased frequency of drought is expected to present a longer-term threat to Zambia's agricultural livelihoods.

This initiative focuses on smallholder farmers in two agro-ecological regions covering the five provinces of Eastern, Lusaka, Muchinga, Southern and Western. It will take a value-chain approach and help to provide a number of benefits, including increased access to climate information services, support for climate-resilient agricultural inputs and practices, sustainable water management, and alternative livelihoods.

The project has an estimated lifespan of 7 years.
Document title
Published date
ESS report FP072 - UNDP - Zambia 22 Feb 2018
Approved funding proposal FP072 - UNDP - Zambia 30 Mar 2018
Gender assessment FP072 - UNDP - Zambia 22 May 2018
Gender action plan FP072 - UNDP - Zambia 23 May 2018
Accredited Entity
  • United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Mr. Pradeep Kurukulasuriya Tel: +1 212 906 5884 Mr. Lucas Black Tel: +1 212 906 5842
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