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Promoting private sector investments in energy efficiency in the industrial sector in Paraguay

TONNES of CO2 Anticipated tonnes of CO2 equivalent avoided


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  • Buildings, cities, industries and appliances

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  • Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Paraguay PRY

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    • Public
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    • Private
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    • Category I1
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    • Category I3
Total project investment
GCF Financing
  • Instrument Loan USD
  • Instrument Grant USD
  • Agencia Financiera de Desarrollo (AFD) Loan USD

Project owners

Accredited Entity Executing Entity
  • Agencia Financiera de Desarrollo (AFD)
  • Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
Promoting private sector investments in energy efficiency in the industrial sector in Paraguay Approved March 2018 Est. implementation period 5.0 years
Reducing reliance on fuelwood and other fossil fuel energy sources by Paraguayan SMEs, increasing their energy efficiency and shifting energy use to renewable hydropower.

Paraguay has a high hydropower capacity, yet industry is largely powered by traditionally inexpensive fuelwood (constituting 83 percent of industrial energy use), causing large amount of emissions from wood burning and associated deforestation. Hydropower is being increased as part of the country's long-term renewable energy goal. At the same time, zero deforestation laws in several regions have increased the price of fuelwood, a trend that is likely to continue. Despite these developments, SMEs are still largely using biomass, and opportunities exist to shift their energy use to renewable sources in order to reduce emissions.

Tools will be developed to generate an enabling environment for energy efficiency investments by SMEs, including standardized performance contracts, insurance contracts, and monitoring and verification systems. Concessional credit lines will be provided to local financial institutions and SMEs, whilst support will facilitate positive institutional, policy and regulatory environments for energy efficiency investments.

The project has an estimated lifespan of 5 years.
Document title
Published date
Approved funding proposal FP063 - IDB - Paraguay 28 Mar 2018
Gender assessment FP063 - IDB - Paraguay 22 May 2018
Gender action plan FP063 - IDB - Paraguay 23 May 2018
Accredited Entity
  • Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Mr. Matias Bendersky Tel: +1 (202) 623-1723 Ms. Amal-Lee Amin Tel: +1 (202) 623-1924
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