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Building Resilient Communities, Wetlands Ecosystems and Associated Catchments in Uganda

Beneficiaries Anticipated number of people with increased resilience


GCF results areas
  • Livelihoods of people and communities
  • Ecosystems and ecosystem services
Gender benefits Women will be involved in all aspects of the project implementation, and will specifically benefit from: (a) improving wetlands management skills; (b) increasing water availability; and (c) strengthening of alternative livelihoods. UN Sustainable Development Goal
  • #15 Life on land

Location & People

  • Africa
  • Uganda UGA
Beneficiaries (approx.) 4,800,000

Investment Data

  • Financing:
    • Public
    • Public / Private
    • Private
  • Project size:
    • Micro
    • Small
    • Medium
    • Large
  • E&S Risk category:
    • Category A
    • Category B
    • Category C
Total project investment
GCF Financing
  • Instrument Grant USD
  • UNDP Grant USD
  • Government of Uganda Grant USD

Project owners

Accredited Entity Executing Entity
  • Ministries of Water and Environment, Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries Uganda
  • Uganda National Meteorology Authority Uganda
Building Resilient Communities, Wetlands Ecosystems and Associated Catchments in Uganda Approved December 2016 Est. implementation period 8.0 years Est. completion date 30 June 2025
Enhancing Ugandan subsistence farmers’ ability to deal with climate impacts.

An estimated 4 million people who live in and around Uganda’s wetlands rely on them for food security. The impact of climate change, coupled with other environmental stresses, is increasing the degradation of wetlands and associated ecosystems.

This grant-based project will assist the Government of Uganda take climate change effects into account in managing wetlands. Climate effects include increased climate variability and extreme weather events, such as droughts, floods, high temperatures and violent storms.

This project will help Uganda
  • Restore critical wetlands to improve ecosystem services - such as replenishing ground water, improving flood control, and enhancing the livelihoods of subsistence farming communities through fishing and agriculture;
  • Enhancing the skills of people to diversify their livelihoods and become more resilient to climate shocks; and
  • Improve the ability of communities in sensitive wetland areas to reduce climate risks and prepare them for climate-related disasters (including through decentralized early warning systems).

This project will target south-western and eastern regions in Uganda, home to some of this Least Developed Country’s most vulnerable people - more than half of them women. While this climate initiative is based on grant financing, positive spillover effects are envisaged in the private sector as new revenue opportunities open up for people in rural areas.

The project has an estimated lifespan of 8 years.
Document title
Published date
ESS report FP034 - UNDP - Uganda 30 Nov 2016
Approved funding proposal FP034 - UNDP - Uganda 22 Mar 2017
Gender action plan FP034 - UNDP - Uganda 06 Jun 2017
Gender assessment FP034 - UNDP - Uganda 06 Jun 2017
Accredited Entity
  • United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Mr. Pradeep Kurukulasuriya Tel: +1 212 906 5884 Mr. Lucas Black Tel: +1 212 906 5842
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