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Consultancy Services to Support IEU’s Learning Oriented Real-time Impact Assessment (LORTA) Window using Theory-based Impact Evaluation Techniques

Consultancy Services to Support IEU’s Learning Oriented Real-time Impact Assessment (LORTA) Window using Theory-based Impact Evaluation Techniques

GCF is supported by the Independent Evaluation Unit (IEU), which reports directly to the GCF Board and is charged with informing the decision making of the GCF Board and providing strategic guidance. The IEU/GCF is also charged with undertaking independent evaluations of the Fund’s performance with the aim of providing an objective assessment of the Fund’s results and its performance and the effectiveness and efficiency of its activities. In this regard, the IEU is charged with providing evaluations to the Conference of Parties (COP) to the UNFCCC for purposes of periodic review of the financial mechanism of the Convention.

Two of the IEU’s most important objectives are: a) to measure and evaluate the GCF’s results to enhance learning within the GCF, and b) to inform the GCF’s performance and results and gauge her role in catalyzing a paradigm shift and achieving impacts at scale.

IEU’s LORTA program will ensure this in several ways. Firstly, it will embed real-time impact evaluations and measurement into funded projects/programs that will provide GCF program managers high-quality data on the quality of implementation and likelihood of impact, while helping them to manage their program. Secondly, it will build capacity within projects to design high-quality datasets relevant to overall impact measurement while ensuring that attributable causal change of GCF investments is rigorously informed. Thirdly, it will employ state-of-the-art theory-based counterfactuals methods to measure the causal change attributable to GCF investments.

IEU’s LORTA program will use international best practices in theory-based impact evaluations to build learning and measurement into GCF projects and programing. With this window, it is intended that funded projects and programs will learn best practices and incorporate these into their own designs and initiatives.

Through this request for proposals (“RFP”), the IEU/GCF is seeking to contract a qualified, reputable and experienced Firm / Organization to manage a LORTA program that will support real-time measurement and learning within the GCF through theory-based impact evaluations that use experimental/quasi-experimental methods.

This evaluation program is part of a multi-year program however all deliverables required for this RFP will be delivered in 2018. This high-profile measurement and evaluation program will produce a interim report that will be shared with the GCF Board in October 2018.

Sealed proposals must be submitted to the IEU/GCF no later than 18 June 2018 at 5.00 pm Korean time.
Submission period
10 May 2018 - 18 June 2018
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Request for proposal
Ref. number
RFP 2018/C/012