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Catering Services on an On-Call Basis

Catering Services on an On-Call Basis

The Fund often holds many different types of meetings throughout the year at the headquarters of the GCF Secretariat (hereafter the “Secretariat”). The types of meeting are composed of workshop, seminar, conference, team retreat, etc and the number of meeting participants will vary depending on the meeting size.

Within the Fund’s Secretariat, the office of the Support Service is responsible for all the logistics matters relating to meetings including catering.

Through this request for proposals (“RFP”), the Fund is seeking a service provider to cater for the Fund’s meetings.

The Fund expects technical and financial proposals to be delivered, at the same time, by close of business on 13th February 2015
Submission period
21 January 2015 - 13 February 2015
Document type
Request for proposal
Ref. number
RFP 2015/113