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Concept notes

Concept notes provide basic information about a project or programme that an Accredited Entity is proposing to submit to GCF for funding approval. They provide Accredited Entities with a chance to seek initial feedback on whether their proposal matches GCF's objectives and mandate, and may offer a useful way to share funding ideas with the GCF secretariat.

Concept notes are different from more detailed funding proposals, which Accredited Entities submit for consideration by the GCF Board. Initial GCF feedback does not represent a commitment to provide financial resources to support the proposed climate finance initiative.
Sustainable Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMA) Coffee of Honduras CABEI - Honduras
Paraguay REDD+ RBP for results preiod 2015-2017 UNEP - Paraguay
Building the Adaptive Capacity of Sugarcane Farmers in Northern Belize CCCCC - Belize
Promoting the Transition to a Low Carbon, Climate-Resilient and “Deforestation-Free” Livestock Sector in Costa Rica UNEP - Costa Rica
Implementing Hybrid Low-Carbon Systems to Improve Energy Supply and Energy Efficiency while Mitigating Climate Impact for SMEs in Colombia, Honduras and Panamá CABEI - Colombia, Honduras, Panama
Chile REDD+ RBP for results period 2014-2016 FAO - Chile
Bio-CLIMA Nicaragua Nicaragua
Green Cooling – Accelerating the transition to climate-friendly and energy-efficient air conditioning GIZ - Costa Rica, Ghana, Indonesia
Market-based mechanism - implementation of Law 3001/06 in Paraguay UNEP - Paraguay
Ecosystem-based Adaptation to increase climate resilience in the Central American Dry Corridor and the Arid Zones of the Dominican Republic CABEI - Multiple countries
Rehabilitation of cascade tank system through Ecosystem Based Adaptation for prolong droughts in dry zone of Sri Lanka - special concern to Madawachchiya Divisional Secretariat of the Anuradhapura District Sri Lanka
Cashew nut sector and entrepreneurship development support project for Benin (PADEFA-ENA) AfDB - Benin
Regional Programme for Sustainable Land Management and Strengthening the Resilience of Rural Communities and Ecosystems to Climate Change in the Liptako-Gourma Region (ALG) BOAD - Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger
Enhancing Adaptation and Resilience Through Impact-Based Forecasting and End-to-End Early Warning (EARTH) Papua New Guinea
Building climate resilience of the agriculture sector in Ghana through improved climate information and early warning services UNEP - Ghana
Enhancing Adaptive Capacity and Climate Resilience of Vulnerable Smallholder Farming Communities and Agro-pastoral Systems in Semi-Arid Areas of Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar IUCN - Tanzania
Climate Resilient Livestock Production for the Climate-Vulnerable Regions of Bangladesh PKSF - Bangladesh
Enhancing Climate Information and Multi-hazard Early Warning for Resilience in Azerbaijan UNEP - Azerbaijan
Ecoagricultural Business Solutions for Senegal Model Forests – Model Forests EcoSolutions CSE - Senegal
Air quality monitoring network in Kenya NEMA - Kenya
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