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Single Accredited Entity Single Accredited Entity

Nominated by:
  • India


National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
Headquartered in: India
Plot C-24, G Block, Bandra-Kurla Complex, PB No.8121, Bandra (East)
Mumbai 400 051 Tel: +91 022 26539895 Fax: +91 022 26530009
The National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) is a national financial institution in India with a total balance sheet of over US$ 40 billion. It has the mandate of promoting sustainable agriculture and rural development through innovative, sustainable and equitable agriculture and rural prosperity by providing financial and technical support. It has built partnerships with other national entities, financial institutions and non-governmental organizations in order to implement innovative ideas through loans, guarantees, blended finance and other structures in the areas of agriculture, natural resources management, fisheries, rural livelihood improvement, renewable energy and micro finance among others. Almost one-third of its cumulative disbursements are related to climate change adaptation and mitigation activities. NABARD sought accreditation to the GCF in order to continue implementing its climate change adaptation and mitigation projects and programmes, which are well aligned with the results areas of the GCF, particularly food and water security, forestry and landscape management, enhancing livelihoods and ecosystem services. Leveraging its long-standing partnerships and experience, NABARD intends to undertake low-emissions and climate-resilient sustainable development that reduces the impacts of climate change.

entity profile

  • Entity Type:
    • direct (national)
    • direct (regional)
    • international
  • Size:
    • micro
    • small
    • medium
    • large
  • Fiduciary Standards:
    • basic
    • project mgt
    • grant award
    • on-lending/blending
      Loans , Equity , Guarantees
  • Environmental and Social Risk Category:
    • Category C
    • Category B
    • Category A


Primary Contact
Dr. Harsh Kumar Bhanwala Chairman
  • Tel +91-22-2653-0000
  • Email
Secondary Contact
Mr. Venkateswara Rao Kasturi Chief General Manager
  • Tel +91-22-2653-0094
  • Email
  • Email
  • Email
Document title
Published date
Gender action plan FP081 - NABARD - India 23 May 2018
Gender assessment FP081 - NABARD - India 22 May 2018
Approved funding proposal FP081 - NABARD - India 27 Mar 2018
Accreditation Master Agreement NABARD 21 Aug 2017
Gender action plan FP045 - NABARD - India 28 Jun 2017
Gender assessment FP045 - NABARD - India 28 Jun 2017
Approved funding proposal FP045 - NABARD - India 24 Apr 2017
ESS report FP045 - NABARD - India 16 Mar 2017
Concept note Increasing climatic resilience of urban water management system of Hyderabad 01 Dec 2016
Concept note Access to Clean Energy (ACE) Fund for Off-grid Energy 31 Aug 2016
Concept note Enhancing Adaptive Capacity of vulnerable Communities in coastal areas of India through Integrated Mangroves Management and Promotion of Sustainable Livelihood Systems 31 Jul 2016
NABARD - GCF Board Decision on Accreditation - B.10 29 Jul 2016
Accredited Entity nomination NABARD - India 17 Jun 2016
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