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Conservation International Foundation
Headquartered in: United States of America
2011 Crystal Drive, Suite 500
Arlington, Virginia 22202 Tel: +1 1703 341 2400 Fax: +1 703 553 0654
The Conservation International Foundation (CI) is a non-profit organization that operates internationally in over 30 countries across six continents with a wide range of partners in order to empower societies to responsibly and sustainably care for nature for the well-being of humanity. It has built strong relationships with communities, governments, academia, foundations, civil-society organizations and the private sector in order to deliver innovative nature-based solutions for climate change mitigation and adaptation. In developing countries, it partners with the host country government institutions, research or academic institutions, as well as indigenous peoples’ organizations. With global private corporations, CI has developed a track-record of improving the sustainability of business operations. Key activities include reducing deforestation, improving agricultural practices, protecting natural ecosystems to serve as carbon sinks, and developing standards for effective mitigation and adaptation activities. It has leveraged over US$ 100 million for ‘debt-for-nature’ swaps and has raised over US$ 30 million for a carbon fund. CI sought to scale up its impact on combating climate change by delivering more climate action on the ground, providing accessible and science-based tools for decision makers, and mobilizing a network of major corporations as well as ensuring the involvement of all stakeholders.

entity profile

  • Entity Type:
    • direct (national)
    • direct (regional)
    • international
  • Size:
    • micro
    • small
    • medium
    • large
  • Fiduciary Standards:
    • basic
    • project mgt
    • grant award
    • on-lending/blending
  • Environmental and Social Risk Category:
    • Category C
    • Category B
    • Category A


Primary Contact
Mr. Miguel Morales Vice President, GCF/GEF Agencies
  • Tel +1 703 341 2637
  • Email
Secondary Contact
Mr. Steven Panfil Senior Director, Project Development and Implementation GCF Agency
  • Tel +1 703 341 2822
  • Email
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