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Roadmap for achieving REDD+ results-based payments from GCF

Roadmap for achieving REDD+ results-based payments from GCF

This roadmap seeks to assist countries in identifying the key steps needed to submit funding proposals to the GCF Pilot Programme for REDD+ results-based payments. This is not a requirement to submit proposals and may be used voluntarily by countries if useful.

Depending on the progress of the individual country, the use of the roadmap can start at various stages. The roadmap template may be used as a guide that can be adapted and modified according to individual country needs. The annex describes the various processes within the UNFCCC for the FREL and Technical Annex assessment and the following GCF review and approval process. This will allow the country to better estimate the various timelines.

You are invited to voluntarily share and discuss the roadmap with the GCF secretariat and initiate discussions for preparing proposals at any time.

Cover date
06 February 2019