Entity Support support for Uganda through CND

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Entity Support support for Uganda through CND

CND has substantive experience of managing donor funds and executing projects with multilateral financing, in accordance with its fiduciary standards. However, it has the challenge of improving the documentation of its policies and procedures in order to comply with GCF standards in fiduciary management policies and procedures, ESS and gender perspective.

The objective of the Project is to support CND capacities to follow up its accreditation process to the GCF and to internalize policies, procedures and capacities identified in the gap assessment and the Readiness Action Plan delivered by PwC in June 2018, and in the ESS and Gender manuals that will be delivered by PwC in the second semester of 2018. This includes the training of CND personnel in environmental considerations and management, and gender and equality policies. It also includes the development of a preliminary stakeholders’s engagement strategy and detection of opportunities for development of projects ideas to present to the GCF.

The expected outcome is: CND complies with GCF standards and is accredited to the GCF.

Cover date 10 January 2019
Document type Approved readiness proposal