GCF embodies equitable governance to respond to the global challenge of climate change, one that ensures consensus-based decisions between developed and developing countries.


The fourth term of GCF Board membership will start on 1 January 2022 as the third term of GCF Board membership expires on 31 December 2021.

The selection process takes place in the frame of the constituencies and regional groups, whose chairs and coordinators shall notify the GCF Secretariat the names of the selected members and alternate members of the Board.

In June 2021, the GCF Secretariat transmitted a letter to the chairs and coordinators of constituencies and regional groups, informing them of the selection process for the fourth term of Board membership and inviting them to notify the GCF Secretariat of the names and contact details of the selected members and alternate members of the Board by 30 September 2021. The respective chairs of regional groups within UN Headquarters were also copied in the letter.

According to paragraph 11 of the Governing Instrument, "members of the Board will have the necessary experience and skills, notably in the areas of climate change and development finance, with due consideration given to gender balance."

Developing countries - African States
Membership Name Affiliation
Board member Mr. Wael Ahmed Kamal Aboul-Magd Ambassador
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Arab Republic of Egypt
Alternate board member TBD TBD
Board member Mr. Tlou Ramaru Policy Analyst
Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism
Republic of South Africa
Alternate board member TBD TDB
Board member Mr. Tanguy Guillaume Gahouma-Bakale Permanent Secretary
National Climate Council
Republic of Gabon
Alternate board member TBD TBD