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Notification Seventeenth Meeting of the Board GCF/notif/2017/04
Notification Logistics Note - 17th Meeting of the Board LOGISTICS NOTE
Decision Decisions of the Board – seventeenth meeting of the Board, 5 – 6 July 2017 GCF/B.17/21
Agenda Provisional agenda GCF/B.17/01/Drf.01
Agenda Provisional agenda GCF/B.17/01/Drf.02
Action Item Sixth Report of the Green Climate Fund to the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change GCF/B.17/02
Action Item Analysis of barriers to crowding‐in and maximizing the engagement of the private sector, including Private Sector Advisory Group recommendations GCF/B.17/03
Action Item Date and venue of the following meeting of the Board GCF/B.17/04
Action Item Consideration of accreditation proposals GCF/B.17/05
Action Item Report on the execution of the 2017 administrative budget of the GCF as at 31 May 2017 GCF/B.17/06
Action Item Audited financial statements of the Green Climate Fund for the year ended 31 December 2016 GCF/B.17/07
Action Item Operational Framework on complementarity and coherence GCF/B.17/08
Action Item Status of the GCF portfolio: pipeline and approved projects GCF/B.17/09
Action Item Readiness and Preparatory Support Programme: Work Programme GCF/B.17/10
Action Item Implementation of the Initial Strategic Plan of the GCF: Update on country programmes and entity work programmes GCF/B.17/11
Action Item GCF risk management framework GCF/B.17/12
Action Item Pilot Programme for REDD+ Results-based Payments GCF/B.17/13
Action Item Guidelines for Enhanced Country Ownership and Country Drivenness GCF/B.17/14
Action Item Green Climate Fund support for the early phases of REDD‐plus GCF/B.17/16
Action Item Policy on ethics and conflicts of interest for active observers of the Green Climate Fund GCF/B.17/17
Action Item Review of the initial proposal approval process GCF/B.17/18
Action Item Strengthening and scaling up the GCF pipeline: establishing strategic programming priorities GCF/B.17/19
Action Item Extension of the deadline for the fulfilment of conditions for FP038 and FP044, related to the execution of accreditation master agreements GCF/B.17/20
Information Report on the activities of the Secretariat GCF/B.17/Inf.01
Information Reports from committees, panels and groups of the Board of the Green Climate Fund GCF/B.17/Inf.02
Information Reports from committees, panels and groups of the Board of the Green Climate Fund – Addendum GCF/B.17/Inf.02/Add.01
Information Status update on indicative minimum benchmarks GCF/B.17/Inf.02/Add.02
Information Report on the status of the staffing of the Secretariat GCF/B.17/Inf.03
Information Status of the Initial Resource Mobilization process GCF/B.17/Inf.04
Information Readiness and Preparatory Support Programme: Progress Report GCF/B.17/Inf.06
Information Decisions taken between the sixteenth and seventeenth meetings of the Board GCF/B.17/Inf.07
Information Annotations to the provisional agenda GCF/B.17/Inf.08
Information Report on the activities of the Co-Chairs GCF/B.17/Inf.09
Information Addendum to the report on the activities of the Co-Chairs: Updated work plan of the Board for 2017 GCF/B.17/Inf.09/Add.01
Information Matters related to accreditation framework and policy: Report of the Accreditation Committee GCF/B.17/Inf.10

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