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Action Item Consolidated Country and Entity Work Programmes – Addendum I: Compilation of Country Programmes completed by countri GCF/B.20/11/Add.01
Information Reports from committees, panels and group of the Board of the Green Climate Fund – Addendum GCF/B.20/Inf.09/Add.01
Agenda Provisional agenda GCF/B.20/01/Drf.02
Decision Decision of the Board on the appointment of member to the Investment Committee B.BM-2018/11
Decision Decision of the Board on Accreditation of Observer Organizations B.BM-2018/12
Information Review of the financial terms and conditions of the Green Climate Fund financial instruments GCF/B.20/Inf.12
Action Item Policies for contributions from philanthropic foundations and other alternative sources GCF/B.20/08/Rev.01
Information Report on the activities of the Co-Chairs GCF/B.20/Inf.16
Action Item Strategy to increase funding proposals from direct access entities – Addendum: results of survey of DAEs and NDAs in preparation of 2018 Enhanced Direct Access Workshop GCF/B.20/04/Add.01
Action Item Risk management framework: compliance risk policy - Proposal by the Risk Management Committee GCF/B.20/09
Action Item Consideration of funding proposals GCF/B.20/10
Action Item Consolidated country and entity work programmes GCF/B.20/11
Action Item Recommendations of the Private Sector Advisory Group on opportunities to engage the private sector in adaptation GCF/B.20/12
Action Item Consideration of accreditation proposals GCF/B.20/13
Action Item GCF communications strategy GCF/B.20/14
Action Item Seventh Report of the Green Climate Fund to the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change GCF/B.20/15
Action Item Updated workplan of the Board for 2018 GCF/B.20/16
Action Item Accreditation framework review, including the project specific framework approach GCF/B.20/17
Action Item An integrated approach to addressing policy gaps to ensure climate impact: an overview of policies related to the consideration of funding proposals GCF/B.20/18
Action Item Interrelated policy matters on incremental cost and full cost, concessionality, and co-financing GCF/B.20/19