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Notification Logistics Note - Informal meeting of the Board - Liberia LOGISTICS NOTE
Decision Decision of the Board on the election of Co-Chairs for 2020 B.BM-2019/13
Decision Decisions of the Board – twenty-fourth meeting of the Board, 12 – 14 November 2019 GCF/B.24/17
Notification Invitation for 21st Round of Application for Accreditation as Observer Organization GCF/NOTIF/2019/07
Action Item Consideration of funding proposals – Addendum IX Funding proposal package for FP123 GCF/B.24/02/Add.09/Rev.01
Action Item Consideration of funding proposals GCF/B.24/02/Rev.02
Action Item Independent Redress Mechanism Work Plan and Budget for 2020 GCF/B.24/03/Rev.01
Action Item Independent Evaluation Unit 2020 Work Plan and Budget and Update of its Three-year Objectives and Work Plan GCF/B.24/12/Rev.01
Action Item Workplan and budget of the Independent Integrity Unit for 2020 GCF/B.24/16/Rev.01
Agenda Provisional agenda GCF/B.24/01/Drf.02
Information Report on the activities of the Co-Chairs GCF/B.24/Inf.15
Information Report on the activities of the Independent Integrity Unit GCF/B.24/Inf.14
Information Reports from committees, panels and groups of the Board of the Green Climate Fund – Addendum I GCF/B.24/Inf.07/Add.01
Action Item Updated Gender Policy and Gender Action Plan 2020–2023 GCF/B.24/15
Action Item Workplan of the Board for 2020 – 2023: Co-Chairs proposal GCF/B.24/14/Rev.01
Information Report of the activities of the Secretariat – Addendum II: Development of sectoral guidelines and consultation process GCF/B.24/Inf.08/Add.02
Action Item Independent Evaluation of the Green Climate Fund’s Country Ownership Approach GCF/B.24/13
Information Board decisions proposed between the twenty-third and twenty-fourth meetings of the Board GCF/B.24/Inf.11
Decision Decision of the Board on the consideration of request for changes in pricing and tenor in respect of FP080 (Zambia Renewable Energy Financing Framework) B.BM-2019/12
Action Item GCF First Replenishment (GCF-1): Replenishment Summary Report GCF/B.24/11