Entity accreditation

Partnering with GCF, Accredited Entities convert concepts into action. Learn more about accreditation and how your organisation can get accredited.

Accreditation self-assessment

The Self-Assessment Tool helps organizations save time and expenses by deciding at an early stage whether they meet GCF accreditation requirements. The Self-Assessment Tool is a guide only, and does not guarantee later GCF accreditation. Organizations considering applying for accreditation do not need to pay the accreditation application fee at this stage.

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What is this questionnaire about?

This online Accreditation Self-Assessment Tool has been developed to outline the minimum requirements that an institution must meet before it can be accredited to receive funding from the Green Climate Fund (GCF).

How will it help?

Through questions, potential applicants get a sense of the accreditation process, helping to give an early assessment to determine if an organization is ready to start the accreditation process of the GCF. In each question, additional information is provided that gives clear guidance on the GCF requirements and standards if they wish to initiate the accreditation process.

Who should take the questionnaire?

Any organization or institution interested in seeking accreditation to the GCF including other parties supporting or willing to understand the accreditation process, such as National Designated Authorities (NDA).

Are there other documents to explain the accreditation process in greater detail?

Interested organizations or institutions are invited to review the accreditation application (PDF), which includes examples of supporting documents, to get a better understanding of the information that must accompany an application for accreditation.

What will happen to the responses given?

Completing the questionnaire is voluntary and anonymous, and there is no link between the participant and a completed questionnaire form. In other words, the data will not be passed on to third parties. However, to maintain anonymity, survey participants must not enter in the survey text fields any data that allows conclusions to be drawn about natural persons.