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The Green Climate Fund procures goods and services to support its operations and ultimately contribute to the fulfilment of its mandate. As an international organization entrusted with public funds, GCF’s procurement activities are carried out in strict accordance with its Administrative Guidelines on Procurement. Procurement methods vary depending on the estimated value and/or nature of the goods and services being procured. Where public competitive bidding is used, procurement notices are advertised below, and interested parties are invited to consult the notices for submission details. 



Open procurements
Goods / services
Submission period
Ref #
Catering for BM 16
06 Mar 2017 -
20 Mar 2017
RFP 2017/S/004 Support Services
Corporate Vehicle
07 Mar 2017 -
21 Mar 2017
RFQ 2017/G/007 Support Services
Review of financial terms and conditions 09 Feb 2017 -
17 Feb 2017
EOI 2017/C/002 Mitigation and Adaptation
Review of the iTAP 09 Feb 2017 -
17 Feb 2017
EOI 2017/C/003 Mitigation and Adaptation
Travel Services
07 Feb 2017 -
21 Feb 2017
EOI 2017/S/001 Support Services
Webcasting Services
16 Mar 2017 -
23 Mar 2017
RFQ 2017/S/009 Support Services

Closed procurements