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Decision Decision of the Board on the Appointment of Member to the Private Sector Advisory Group of the Board B.BM-2017/11
Notification Invitation for 15th Round of Application for Accreditation as Observer Organization GCF/NOTIF/2017/07
Decision Decisions of the Board – eighteenth meeting of the Board, 30 September – 2 October 2017 GCF/B.18/23
Call for Input Draft Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Policy DCP/27-10-2017
Call for Input Compilation of Submissions: Review and Update of the GCF Gender Policy and Action Plan DCP/18-10-2017
Action Item Work Plan of the Board for 2018: Proposal by the Co-Chairs GCF/B.18/21/Rev.01
Action Item Report on the activities of the Co-Chairs GCF/B.18/22
Information Status of the GCF portfolio: pipeline and approved projects GCF/B.18/Inf.03
Agenda Provisional agenda GCF/B.18/01/Drf.02
Action Item Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Policy GCF/B.18/20
Action Item 2018 Workplan and Budget of the Independent Integrity Unit GCF/B.18/18
Information Report on the activities of the Independent Integrity Unit, November 2016 to September 2017 GCF/B.18/Inf.12
Information Reports from committees, panels and groups of the Board of the Green Climate Fund – Addendum III GCF/B.18/Inf.02/Add.03
Information Report on the response to queries in the Board – approved TOR for updating of GCF’s Gender Policy and Action Plan and Add.01 GCF/2017/Inf.03 and Add.01
Information Environmental and social management system GCF/2017/Inf.02
Information Status of indicative minimum benchmarks: key findings to date and options for implementation GCF/2017/Inf.01
Information Review of the structure and effectiveness of the independent Technical Advisory Panel GCF/B.18/Inf.11
Meeting Report Report of the seventeenth meeting of the Board, 5 – 6 July 2017 - Addendum II: Sixth report of the GCF to the COP to the UNFCCC GCF/B.17/22/Add.02
Meeting Report Report of the seventeenth meeting of the Board, 5 – 6 July 2017 GCF/B.17/22
Action Item Request for proposals for the pilot programme for REDD-plus results-based payments GCF/B.18/06