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Action Item Competitive process for the selection of the Permanent Trustee GCF/B.15/15/Rev.01
Action Item Administrative Budget of the Green Climate Fund for 2017 GCF/B.15/21/Rev.01
Information Status of the Initial Resource Mobilization process GCF/B.15/Inf.11
Information Building country-driven pipelines: update on country programmes and entity work programmes GCF/B.15/Inf.09
Information Progress and outlook report of the Readiness and Preparatory Support Programme GCF/B.15/Inf.08
Action Item Country Ownership Guidelines GCF/B.15/06
Action Item Guidance from the twenty-second session of the Conference of the Parties: Co-Chairs’ proposal GCF/B.15/04
Information Progress report on support for REDD+ GCF/B.15/Inf.07
Information Reports from committees, panels and groups GCF/B.15/Inf.05
Action Item Workplan and budget for the Independent Integrity Unit for 2017 GCF/B.15/20
Action Item Review of the initial proposal approval process GCF/B.15/10
Action Item Terms of References for the annual review of financial terms and conditions of the Green Climate Fund financial instruments GCF/B.15/09
Information Report on the execution of the administrative budget for 2016 GCF/B.15/Inf.13
Information Matters related to the Replenishment of the Green Climate Fund: Co-Chair’s Memo GCF/B.15/Inf.12
Information Decisions between the fourteenth and fifteenth meetings of the Board GCF/B.15/Inf.02
Action Item Dates and venues of the following meetings of the Board GCF/B.15/23
Action Item Work plan and budget of the Independent Redress Mechanism for 2017 GCF/B.15/19
Action Item Staffing of the Secretariat GCF/B.15/14
Action Item Draft Work Plan of the Board for 2017 GCF/B.15/03
Agenda Provisional agenda GCF/B.15/01.Drf.02