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GCF launches guide to the Fund’s investment opportunities


The Green Climate Fund today publishes Elements 02, the second in its information series. Elements 02: 'Investing for the Climate' focuses on the criteria used by GCF to identify and prioritize investment opportunities.

The new publication explains what kinds of investments the Fund is looking for and how it identifies and prioritizes ambitious project proposals. It is essential reading for National Designated Authorities (NDAs), Accredited Entities (AEs), and all of the Fund’s stakeholders.

With the GCF Board aiming to scale up the size of the Fund’s investment portfolio in the years to come, this timely publication makes clear the types of ambitious and paradigm-shifting projects the Fund is seeking. The content of Elements 02 is closely based on analyses discussed by the Board. It includes explanation of the eight mitigation and adaptation results areas, and the Fund’s five potential cross-cutting investment opportunities. 

The guide also discusses the mitigation and adaptation potential of different priority areas, and indicates where the Fund can add value. There are also sections explaining how the Fund will work with the private sector.

Speaking on the eve of the Paris climate conference, the Fund’s Executive Director Héla Cheikhrouhou stated: "This publication will give our partners helpful guidance on the kinds of projects the Fund is seeking. The Fund’s mandate is ambitious, so we need to make sure that each of GCF’s investments really count. The Fund is targeting innovative, paradigm-shifting projects that will help drive the transition towards low-emission, climate-resilient development,” she said.

Published hot on the heels of the approval of the Fund’s first projects earlier this month, Elements 02 provides guidance to NDAs and AEs planning to submit project proposals to the Fund.

“The Board approved GCF’s first eight investments earlier this month,” Ms. Cheikhrouhou continued. “We aim to have a pipeline of high-quality, innovative projects in the years to come, and I am sure that this guide will help NDAs and AEs in sourcing and developing project proposals.” 

Senior staff from the Fund will participate in the Paris Conference of the Parties (COP) to meet with partners, to discuss details of this publication and advise on the procedure for submitting project proposals.

Elements 02 can be downloaded here and will also be available to participants at COP 21.